Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paint the Town Purple

I broke my goal today. I got on Tumblr to search for an idea or image for a post...

And I ended up find my dashboard doused with all shades of purple:

I also received a notification of Facebook two weeks ago about joining in on "Spirit Day." The event - wearing purple in protest of homosexual bullying - was to be held on Oct 20 (today). It's odd how one of my classes this morning ended up discussing the topic of Sodomites and the Gospel.

In real time, this is one of the most confusing topics for me. How are we to love the sinner yet hate the sin?

The LGBT Community paints Christianity in a harsh light. We are often portrayed as narrow-minded zealots who don't care about people. By proxy, many are lead to believe that Christ hated the Sodomites. We know that this is far above the truth. There are several verses that refer to how all encompassing the love God is ( John :16, John 13:34-35,  1 Peter 4:8).

Why do they (the Homosexual community) hate  us so much? How do we reach out to them without accepting their lifestyle? Isn't their lifestyle so integral to what makes them them?  Where are the answers? What are the answers

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