Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hand It Over

"Eat my lunch" colloquial phrase, when someone is faced with something difficult... not unlike the school bully taking a kid's lunch. 
Use: "I have three 500 word essays due tomorrow. They're gonna eat my lunch."

I had my lunch eaten today. Twice.

And the sad thing? I'm not even trying to eat my own lunch. I'm just sitting there, handing it over.

The first half of class we went over our Goer-Sender Coalition last night. Bro. Tony Howeth was in town and preached on the atmosphere of a sending church. In his message he stated "You don't need God for your dreams, they're so small you can accomplish them on your own." That alone was convicting. To add to that, we had a missionary on deputation visit our class - Jim Roberts. He was asked to share what he was doing and where he was going. After he finished telling us about his burden for Scotland, the floor was opened for questions.

"What is your vision, your dream for Inverness, Scotland" Robert Canfield asked.

His answer? "To see 56,660 souls saved."

Fact about Inverness: the city's population numbers right at 56,660 people.

My dreams for my city, for Asia, for the world are no where near like they should be. How is it that Bro Roberts believes with his whole heart that the entire city of Inverness will be saved while I don't even believe that my whole family will be? It's not that my God is not big enough; rather, my faith in my big God is extremely small.

The second challenge was posed in the latter half of class. Mark Coffey began to discuss the way that we dress, act, and speak. (It is constantly affirmed that we are here at the training center to become leaders of leaders. Everything we do here is to prepare us to take that path and become a shepherd of God's children.)
"People are going to follow you regardless of whether you follow Christ or not. Where are you leading others?"
Trent Cornwell threw out the example of the Big 3. Every week at Vision Baptist they highlight a country, a staff missionary and a partnering missionary. Trent asked if we liked the idea behind it - a reminder to pray. He asked if we wanted others to pray for it - the consensus was yes. Then he asked if we could name the Big 3 for the week - and the room was silent.

Both things have made me ponder over these questions:

1. Why are my dreams so limited? Why don't I think a whole city can be won for Christ? Is this why I sit at home and don't get involved with my community and try to impact my world? Simply unprepared or am I lazy and faithless?

2. Who's following me and where am I leading them? Are the traits in my life things that I want to reproduce in others?

Anyone else want their lunches back?

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