Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey all, Meggie Here from Dreaming of Avonlea. I had already begun thinking of this post when Lady Weaver asked me to write for her. So of course I said yes! You'll have to forgive any choppiness, or errors, I haven't written in so long, it's a little hard to get back in the groove. So Until Next time!
God Bless!


OH! it's an ominous word these days. It's word we hear daily, and with it always comes an incling of doubt.

"Trust me! This is the best product on the market!"
But what if it isn't?

"Put Your trust in 'Local Bank!' If you do you can't go wrong!"
But how do you know? The economy's pretty bad right now...

"Trust me, Babe, I would never hurt you! I Love you!"
But what if he's wrong?

You see? That word is used so liberally by the liars and schemers of the world that it has fair lost its meaning. Most of us, if we are smart, have come to the realization that we can't trust anybody anymore. Sometimes we can't even trust our pastors, our friends, and heaven forbid, even our parents.
As we go through the world we have learned to fend for ourselves. We are wary of everything and everyone, just to make sure we don't end up hurt or in trouble.

But where does that leave God? Stuck out in the rain?

We have become so self reliant that even trusting God is hard.

Do you remember the "Trust test" we used to do in school? Someone stood behind you and caught you as you fell. It was great so long as your best buddy was behind you. Not to mention it helped if your friend was the bodybuilder of the group.

Well God is our body builder. You remember that "Atlas" guy from Greek Mythology? You know, the one who held up the world? Well, God created the world, and holds it up, and the universe, and heaven, all on his pinky finger. Atlas Ain't got nothing on our God.

So why can't we trust him?

We've gone through our whole life being prepared for the day when we would be on our own. Our own Council, our own Law and Conscience, Our own MAN. But God Never meant for us to be alone. Stand up on our own for too long and we'll wear out. Someday we will get old, and tired, and we'll fall, and fall hard.

But Just as we begin to sink, God is there holding out His hands to catch us. And if he can hold all creation up with his pinky finger, how strong do you think His hands are? Not to mention His comforting arm when we do fall. Can you imagine how easy life would be if we just laid back and let God carry us in those strong ams? We'd never have to worry about finances again, Or health, or people, He'd just do everything.

Did you know that that's possible? The more we learn about Christ, the more we can be like Him. And when we act like him, and talk to him, and continue to learn, we begin to understand what he wants us to do. Whether it be in finances, Relationships, or health, we CAN let him lead the way. And no matter what hardships we face, we'll always know we'll end up in the right place by and by.

So why not let go for once? Just Fall.

And Trust.
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